Steph and Scott at the top of a ridge in Zion National Park.

What I Actually Do As A Blogger

I’ve gotten asked, more than usual lately, what the heck I actually do. As a blogger, photographer, and traveler I think most people assume Scott and I are constantly running

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Steph Castelein sitting on the couch for a day of blogging.

My One Blogging Regret

I only have one regret about blogging. I used to live the “I have no regrets in life” lifestyle but then I learned regret is to feel sad or disappointed

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Steph and Scott along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Pick One Word For 2019

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It seems like everyone and their mom is going straight from Halloween to Christmas with a snap of their finger. Me? I’m trying to figure out how

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Steph Castelein overlooking the coast in Portugal.

Who Are You At 80?

Do something with me, imagine yourself at 80. Imagine your wrinkled hands and your graying hair.Imagine the new lines that have formed on your face and all the places your

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Hi! I'm Steph

I believe life is best lived when slowed down. When you can enjoy the simple moments, live with intention, and just be. On my blog I talk a lot about slow living, travel, and blogging. Thanks for being here, it means the world.

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